About KindVibe
KindVibe is an artist run record label dedicated to creating "Jam" music.
KindVibe is currently on a hiatus. We were very active from 2005 - 2008 and released The
Boston Jam Party in 2007.
We believe music, when it's right, can inspire, energize, comfort, heal, entertain and generally help you feel good! Helping artists create such music and making it available to you as easily as possible is our mission!

What is "Jam" music?
The term "Jam" music can mean different things to different people. Here at KindVibe we think "Jam" music has at least these three important characteristics.
* Jam music is "eclectic". It combines the musical influence of different styles of music. (Such as Jazz, Rock, Blues, World Beat, Country, Reggae, Classical, etc.)
* Jam music involves improvisation. That is, the musicians, while playing, "make up stuff" they haven't played before, based on the influences of "the moment" in an attempt to create something "magical". (There can be varying degrees of the amount of improv, but improv is a key component.)
* The players and listeners of Jam music have a belief that the music can help make the world a better place.

Hello from the Staff at KindVibe
It was with great pleasure that we launched of KindVibe Music in 2005! It had been a dream for quite some time to launch a record label that would support this eclectic and innovative style of music and the musicians who play it. The label was very lucky to have many talented artists collaborating together. KindVibe will always be here for our artists and we are here for you! Pleaes Send us your thoughts, comments and suggestions by emailing us at Vibe@KindVibe.Com
Thanks for your support - The KindVibe staff

On creating an environment to nourish artists and talent
"E. always said talent doesn't mean nothing. "What matters is finding a place that can nourish it." That's a tragedy for so many young jazz musicians today. To learn, they also have to provide a healthy environment for themselves to work in. And that's very hard. Damn near impossible." - Wynton Marsalis speaking about the difficulties of nourishing talent - from Wynton's excellent book "Jazz in the Bittersweet Blues of Life"
At KindVibe we agree with this assessment and try to do all we can to help artists find and create a healthy environment to work in!
“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”- the Dalai Lama

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May all beings be happy